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School of Foreign Languages of Zunyi Medical University Accomplished the Volunteer Activity of YiQin Group

Yiqin Group is a key company that Zunyi City is developing.

From November 3 to 7, ambassadors to China, officials and domestic and foreign merchants from countries of Arabia Alliance,Algeria and Jordan were invited to participate in a series of activities of “Global Partnership Conference of Yiqin(Zunyi) in 2015”, which drew more attention from provincial government of Guizhou and municipal government of Zunyi and administrative committee of Xinpu District .

Yiqin Group had negotiated with Administrative Office of Zunyi Medical University (ZMU) and School of Foreign Languages many times before activity,and they hoped we could send 40 excellent students as volunteers to take on translation and reception work.After being permitted,School of Foreign Languages made full preparations and arrangements ranging from selecting excellent volunteers to training of related foreign affairs manners,foreign affairs disciplines and translating skills.In addition,School of Foreign Languages appointed an adviser to lead students in participating in activities. Our leaders also give on-site guidance at the conference.Till November 7,40 volunteers from School of Foreign Languages, on behalf of ZMU,have succeeded in carrying out the volunteering work.

In this activity,volunteers not only gave subjective

initiative and applied what they have learned into practice,but also improved and perfected themselves in all aspects and get a good workout. Meanwhile, students’ professional skills,spirit of dedication and comprehensive quality made a profound impression on the sponsor and personages of all circles from whom our volunteers acquired high praise.They show the education of ZMU and the spiritual outlook of students in this university.(Copywriter:Chen Lingling)

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