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Business English Reading Contest of Zunyi Medical University in 2015

Source: School of Foreign Languages

Written by: Business English Office

Edited by: Li Junshen

"2015 Business English Reading Contest of Zunyi Medical University" was held on November 18th, 2015. It aimed to improve the business English reading ability of our students, stimulate students’ interest in learning business English knowledge and deepen the reform of business English teaching in Zunyi Medical University. The contest attracted more than 120 non-English majors and 130 English majors to challenge themselves. With the support of the leaders in Foreign Language Department business English office could make a good preparation in advance so that the contest completed successfully.

(The contestants are reading the examination paper carefully.)

There were six passages in the examination paper including subjective and objective questions. The passages covered the fields of economy, finance, international trade, commercial law and so on. The subjective part required the contestants to answer the questions based on the information given and complete the bill of exchange. The subjective questions were closely related to business practice, which could check the business English practical skills of the contestants.

(All the contestants are writing with confidence.)

After the contest, we immediately organized experts and teachers to grade the contest papers anonymously. Through this contest we hope to encourage students to enrich the knowledge of business English and practice their business skills. The students would seize more opportunities to challenge themselves and lay a solid foundation for their future career.

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