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2017 Micro-Course Teaching Contest of School of Foreign Languages

The School of Foreign Languages (SFL) of Zunyi Medical University held the "2017 Micro-Course Teaching Contest" at 15:00, July 3rd to further promote the wider use of information technology in teaching, strengthen the professional competence and improve teaching effectiveness and quality. The contest, hosted by Mr. Feng Lingang, was judged by associate professor Wang Mei, Vice Dean of SFL, associate professor Wang Houhong, associate professor Song Dingyu, associate professor Tang Jun and associate professor Zhao Lu.

Before the contest, Mr. Feng Lingang introduced the judges, contestants, rules and standards of grading. The contestants gave their presentations in turn decided by drawing lot. At first, they demonstrated the course design including their creative thoughts, teaching ideas and unique features of their teaching, etc. Next, they presented them with PPT in ten minutes. There were five minutes for Q & A after the presentation. During the Q & A part, the judges gave comments on each performance and provided some suggestions.

The top three contestants of the micro-course contest were Miss Zhao Wen, Miss Luo Wen and Miss Su Zhongwei, who would compete in the “2017 Micro-Course Teaching Contest of Zunyi Medical University” on behalf of SFL.

(Written by Luo Wen; Photographer: Feng Lingang)

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