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Section of Translation and Interpreting

The Section of Translation and Interpreting of SFL of ZMU was established in May 2014. There are 4 full-time teachers, including a teacher with Ph. D.; two teachers with M. A.. Among 4 teachers, one is associate professor; three are lectures, including one who studied in BLCU as a visiting scholar. The teachers in the section mainly undertake the teaching tasks for students majoring in Translation and Interpreting. The key courses are Integrated English, English Reading and Interpreting, English Writing, Literature Translation, The Theory of Translation and Interpreting, Intercultural Communication, etc. In order to provide students with good learning environments, the Lab of Translation and Interpreting will be soon constructed. As a newly-founded section, we are going to improve management institutions, boost curricula construction, expand teaching staff, and promote scientific research and teaching, thus cultivating excellent talents of translation and interpreting for the society.



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