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Department of Listening and Speaking


The Department of Listening and Speaking , established in January 2013, is a unit with the reasonable title and education structures of School of Foreign Languages in Zunyi Medical University. The teachers in the group are engaged in Listening, Business English Listening, Oral English, Commercial Oral English and Business Audio-video courses.

   There are four full-time teachers with master’s degree including two associate professors, one lecturer, and one teaching assistant. Three teachers have the experience of studying abroad and two of them hold MA degree from Britain and Singapore.  These years we have been employing four or five foreign teachers from Britain and the United States to teach Oral English and other courses and tutor students in a variety of activities and competitions.

  We nurture students’ qualities of being versatile, creative and socially competent apart from good academic performance. Besides teaching, teachers have accomplished a lot in their research work and tutoring students. In recent five years. we have won five grants for our research projects and published about 20 academic papers . Teachers also have won about ten prizes in teaching or other competitions. 

   As a new department, we will seek for further improvements in management, course instruction, teacher-training and research to foster more future talents for society.


Head of Department: Wang Houhong (Associate Professor)

Having started out her career as a language teacher in English Department in Zunyi Medical College, Wang Houhong teaches a range of undergraduate courses including Grammar, British and American Culture and Society, English language Teaching Methodology, College English, etc.

She holds an MA in English Language Literature (Southwest Normal University, China) and an MA in Applied Linguistics (National Institute of Education, NTU, Singapore). Her research interests include second and foreign language pedagogy and discourse analysis. She has won two grants awarded by the Bureau of Education of Guizhou Province and ZMU respectively (both as PIs) and undertaken about 10 other projects.




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